Saturday, October 12, 2013


Going to the gynecologist can be uncomfortable. Going to the gynecologist at 8:00AM on a Friday before a long chemistry lab can be even more uncomfortable. I tiredly rolled out of bed after about five hours of sleep and robotically prepared to go to the doctor. I made sure my lady bits were in presentable order… or as presentable as they can be.

I made the 30 minute drive to my doctor’s private practice facility. When I was walking up I noticed the glow of something that resembled a Christmas tree through the window. I thought, ‘you have got to be kidding me it isn’t even Halloween yet.’ I was pleasantly surprised when I opened the door which revealed a Christmas tree decorated with Halloween fixings. Also this fine gentleman was there to greet me…
I shall call you... Frankengina

He was taller than me. It looked like he has an extension cord; I can only imagine what he does when he is plugged in. His fingers look like they are capable of executing a pelvic exam with precise accuracy.  When I looked a little closer I noticed that he had snickers in his mouth.. A fine decoration indeed but hard to notice here. 
I desperately wanted to inquire as to how they transported Frankengina to the office... did they strap him to the top of a car? did they prop him up in the back of a truck? did they belt him in the front seat? I guess I will never know because I neglected to ask... boo on my part.

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