Sunday, October 20, 2013

Sunday Funday

I got my head stuck in my sweatshirt today… It was not fun. I guess the whole thing only lasted six minutes or so but it felt like hours. I freed my arms in the beginning. Despite how hard I was tugging I eventually had to lie in a ‘C’ shape on the floor and employ the use of my legs and feet to try to free myself.

At one point I actually considered going to the neighbor’s to see if he could help me. But after the note I left on his door the other day I do not think he likes me very much. I thought perhaps me in my bra would distract him for long enough so that I could leave my face covered in the sweatshirt and then just run away when he pulled my sweatshirt off. He, of course, could keep the damn death trap as a parting gift then maybe I could return the favor when he got his head stuck and we could be all neighborly and shit like normal people. He is a hermit though and he would probably just die in the sweatshirt since he is neither as flexible as I am nor as friendly as I am.

I eventually realized that even if he answered the door and pulled off my sweatshirt there was still a problem. Once I was freed I could either run away from my apartment and show my tatas to god only knows how many people, or run into my apartment. If I ran back into my apartment he would probably realize it was me and I would not be as inconspicuous as I had intended. It would pretty much be the equivalent of opening a terrible Christmas present if this chick in a bra showed up at your doorstep and you pulled her head out of its trap just to find that she is the asshole that draws pictures of Chewbacca and pastes them to your door.

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