Monday, October 7, 2013

Girl on Fire

On Friday I was, as per usual, ecstatic at the conclusion of my seemingly one hundred hour chemistry lab. For some crazy reason that has something to do with toxic chemicals we are unable to eat in lab. I usually sit there with my stomach rumbling as I envision the 100 different ways I could die by the hand of explosions that are a product of my own stupidity. The fear is horrendous and whilst I am enduring it I would love nothing more than to stuff my face with a sheet cake or some french fries but alas I am forbidden.

I have somehow managed to make it this far in school despite my fear of fire/explosions. When I was in high school we were doing something with a bunsen burner in my physics lab. I was keeping a good distance from the open flame when my partner tried to convince me that the world was not going to end. I approached the flame and bravely attempted to put whatever the hell we were supposed to have in the flame, in the flame and knocked it over causing a nearby stack of paper towels to ignite; quickly followed by the bench top. I did what I do best and ran away (gotta love that negative reinforcement). My lab partner acted as hero and snuffed out the flame. I am pretty sure he is some kind of prison guard now. I bet he thanks me every day of his life for teaching him how to react in the heat of the moment.

Back to Friday… I desperately needed some comfort food after the prolonged exposure to ether and nutmeg in lab. I called Little Caesars and requested some dairy free cheese-less bread sticks. I happily picked them up and skipped to my truck. It all happened so fast I am not sure what even occurred. All I know is I was on the ground with one leg propped up on the side step on my truck. I am pretty sure I did a half split but I was too embarrassed to remain in that position. What was most important is my bread sticks were saved. I arrived home and downed an entire bag of them within about three minutes because that is just what you do after a day like that.

This week we have the option to complete two experiments; one of which will be extra credit. We are doing something with an orange and something with launching rockets… If the city of Boise is turned to ashes sometime Friday afternoon, fear not my fellow friends, it is not at the hand of a terrorist… but rather at the hand of an unfortunate chemistry student.     

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