Wednesday, September 10, 2014

My New Pet Gondor

The leasing agent at my apartment complex made me mad the other day. On that particular day I was looking for something to swab with oil for my microbiology lab. We needed to swab something exposed to the elements in an attempt to pick up a microorganism to grow as a pet throughout the semester and ultimately give a presentation on at the conclusion of the class. The community exercise room lacks cleaning supplies so I knew that the handles of the machines would have something. And it was a win-win because there would be nothing readily available for me to clean off all the oil I wiped over the machine to piss off the land lady. 

I swabbed away and then transferred my sample to an agar plate and incubated it. Several different growths popped up but unfortunately I could only select one to grow and study as my "pet," I opted for the neon pink dot roughly the size of a pencil eraser. Upon further examination I am thinking the culprit could be gonorrhea. It mimics it under the microscope (with staining and motility). This means of course that instead of working out I should eat cake because I don't want gonorrhea. It also means that if Justin continues to not let me get a cat I can Eventually bring home my new pet (I might just have to name him Gondor because it just fits) to fill the void. 

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