Sunday, September 28, 2014

The Mystery Man

Yesterday was Saturday which hosted my last two exams for the week, YAY- glad that is over.

I awoke at four in the morning to attempt to get some last minute cramming in. I was studying away in the living room when suddenly I heard this strange gurgling/wheezing/coughing noise. This noise persisted for approximately 15-20 minutes. I eventually concluded that it must be this creepy guy who is usually outside smoking non-stop. His apartment is clear across the complex but being that it was four in the morning and the only other noise was the gentle pattering of raindrops I presumed that his coughs must be carrying across the courtyard.

I went about my business, went to class, took my exams, came home did a bunch of homework watched BSU fail miserably at football, watched a movie and at last hit the sack. I awoke to a strange knocking sound at the front door around 6:56 AM. Justin was asleep next to me, but I in my bravery decided to let him sleep (after spanking him of course) as I deduced what could be going on. Maybe that wheezy guy wasn't that smoker? Maybe he came back, and maybe it was someone trying to abduct me.

After arriving at this logical conclusion my first thought was:

I literally thought of the wand that one of my friend's (highly talented I might add) made me a few years back for my birthday which is right on top of my dresser. I seriously ruminated on how exactly this would work to defend me for about thirty seconds before I realized that perhaps that wasn't the right option to save myself. I wonder what an intruder would do if I brandished my wand as a mechanism of defense? They would run away, duh!

Oh and by the way I tried to take a photo of the wand for you with my highly technical iPhone 4 which I think is on the fritz. I attempted the Reparo spell on my phone camera but alas, it did not work. These were what I got:

With Flash- hindsight it is possible my wand was in the midst of some kind of spell when I took this.

Without flash, notice my antique nautical dresser that my late grandmother refinished for me some 26 years ago

Here is a photo that was taken years ago by my friend herself-it showcases her excellent wand making skills much more than my photos do:

Photo Credit: My friend :)

and this post just turned into a Harry Potter post again. Oops. I blame the approaching Halloween and blustery weather that has been had here in Idaho as of late.

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