Thursday, September 11, 2014

Penis Cancer and the Like

I had my class about cancer on Monday. After my whole spider killing fiasco I was in a mood. I definitely had penises on the brain since I had been affronted with some spider-ific penises earlier that morning. We currently are learning about prostate cancer. The class is quite small (maybe 20 of us). I hide in the back most days; Monday was no different. The professor asked question after question about penises. I responded (by myself) the answers to her questions from the back of the room. “Semen, Erection, Viagra, Testicles.” I did not realize how much of a penis-obsessed person I sounded like until the end of the class period. Hindsight is always 20/20 as they say. Hopefully no one was sitting directly outside the room because all they would have heard would have been my periodic phallic outbursts. 

Later that I day I also discovered that I had somehow gotten toothpaste all over the bottom third of my hair. I attribute this to the fact that I almost died trying to kill that spider, but it was disgusting nonetheless. Quite frankly did not look like toothpaste. I also discovered the ‘XS’ sticker on my new shirt was still stuck to my left breast. Being as this has happened a good ten times in my life I suppose I am immune to the embarrassment it should have inflicted.

Also I found this on the internet (someone posted it on FB). If I were to ever become mad at Justin this would be exactly how I would respond if he asked the question outlined in the photo : )  

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