Friday, September 5, 2014

Scentsying Trouble

Things have been busy busy around these parts. Of course that is nothing unusual. Yesterday Justin was scrambling after work to get ready for a little photo shoot we had scheduled with a friend of mine. We have one of these in our bathroom:

For those of you who are unfamiliar it is a Scentsy candle. Essentially hot wax sits in the little pot above the lamp to provide for a nice ambiance in the bathroom. Scentsy is Justin’s kryptonite. He hates seeing wax in the Scentsy pot. Whenever he witnesses the uninterrupted hot liquid lazy-ing around he simply must cause an eruption of sorts and get it all over himself and anything else in sight. Past occurrences have included; getting it in his hair, on the counter, on the floor, in the sink etc. 

I would provide photo documentation of the hot wax explosion that occurred yesterday all over Justin’s bathroom supplies and hands, (a nice paraffin wax dip I might add) but our bathroom looks horrendous with the remnants of wax slathered over everything except the toothbrushes (thank goodness).  So today I will be scraping up whatever bits I can between the hours of homework I have. *sigh. Justin sure does know how to make a ho a house wife.

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