Friday, September 19, 2014

Rock Fever

It is cold/flu season and of course I have fallen victim. Not because I frequently get sick but more so because I have four exams next week, and that is usually when things like this happen. Yuck. I’ve attractively been quarantined in the bedroom with a box of tissues, cough drops and aspirin. Justin checks on me periodically, most of the time I have a tissue up one nostril and look super sexy. 

About a year ago Justin and I just developed this language that revolves around the “rock” aka Dwayne Johnson. We frequently describe things by saying phrases like: I love you more that the Rock loves rock candy, I love you more than the Rock loves baRock Obama, I love you more than the Rock loves Rocking Horses…  you get the gist. Well in honor of Justin being fantastic by making me tea, buying me cupcakes and putting up with my incessant borderline Shakespearian melodramatic whimpers and whines I present this shirt: 
photo credit: Imgur

Apparently it is real; I found it on Imgur. I do think it would be slightly better if it had a photo of the Rock on it...preferably when he is in his traditional wrestling garb. But, regardless I think that Justin needs it… especially after all he has done for me. Next thing you know he will be buying me a horse, a spaceship or my dream house or something.

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