Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Harry Potter Business (the new book releasing---don't get too excited)

So yesterday I received a post owl which informed me of the up and coming new book which will be releasing in October to muggles and wizards alike. Okay, not really... but I did read about it on Facebook.
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I am excited and not excited all at the same time since J.K. Rowling did not pen this. I have read a few philosophical books which discuss the Wizarding World, and have even written a few term papers on Harry Potter philosophy myself.  However these books (and my paper) are always written from a perspective which analyzes the wizarding world from our own universe. From my understanding this book will be written as though the author is in the wizarding world and I just struggle with that notion. 

Rowling has said several times that she is done publishing books which are centered around the magical world of Harry Potter, however I would be fibbing if I did not admit that I have always held a little slice of hope that she would continue on with the legacy that she left behind. Especially with her recent additions of snippets from the wizarding world which she has added to the Pottermore game. That being said it is tough for me to just accept that someone else has picked up where Rowling left off in an attempt to deliver something up to par with that which has already been published by the absolute genius Rowling. 

I realize that Jody Revenson (author of the new book mentioned above) contributed to this series of books:
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I have not read any of them since they initially sold for $1,000.00 and again not Rowling’s work. I must admit my curiosity was piqued by the series when it released a few years ago. I haven't really thought of it since but now that a second book is on the cusp of release my wheels are turning. At the end of the day I suppose my inner turmoil is moot since they say you can't judge a book by its cover, and I honestly do need to just buck up and read it methinks... that way I will know if it even comes close to the masterpiece that Rowling created.

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