Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Got Me Some Fancy Pants

Remember when I told you about Justin’s horrible shirt that I hate-the t-shirt with the cut off sleeves?(click here)? Well I believe I have successfully found a method of retaliation towards the shirt he constantly threatens me with. May I introduce you to my new favorite pair of pants??? Incidentally Justin hates them. You should have seen the look on his face when I received them in the mail. *evil laugh.

Yes that is a sunset scene all over my legs complete with palm trees

So now every time you see Justin with me in public he will probably have on a cut-off sleeve shirt and I will be wearing these pants. In fact we may as well just face the realization that our Christmas card photos this year will probably be taken while we are dressed in our horribly clashing favorite articles of clothing. Feliz Navidad :)

There are technically rash guard pants so I can wear them in a pool too... so multi-functional (for a clearer view of the pants you can visit this website http://www.roxy.com/sunset-pant-leggings/rxyusarjx400069

Oh and what is that in the background you ask? Well that is a deluxe bottle of spider killer. This morning I sat facing the front door as I wrote a paper for school. Periodically (three times to be exact) I noticed movement and lifted my gaze from my laptop screen only to find eight legged beasts creeping in from under the door. You can see the big ass crack we have under the door since the weather stripping is quite faulty. Now the entryway is entirely lined with sticky traps. Since I erected the wall of death I have caught one victim. So that makes four spiders for today. *shudder.  Hopefully when Justin arrives home after work he will not get his big butt stuck in my perfectly assembled trap system.

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