Monday, March 3, 2014

Fear Factor Episode 586: "Kevin Bacon in Cut-Off Shorts Riding a Ginorm Spider"

Ladies with boyfriends/husbands and the like... Do you have just ONE article of clothing you would like to rip to shreds that belongs to your partner? UGH Justin has a T shirt with the arms cut off that is like ten years old (or so it looks). Anyway a terrible terrible looking shirt. Whoever came up with the idea to cut the sleeves off T-shirts should be punished. Tank tops are okay but there is just something about cut off sleeves that drives me insane. I wish that I could swap Justin's cut off sleeves shirt for a pair of daisy dukes cut off shorts. Then he could wash the car in the summer wearing them and I bet you anything his milkshake would bring all the boys to the yard. Not only that I would thoroughly enjoy sipping a lemonade whilst watching my man work hard... okay okay I will keep it G-rated. 

Often times when I am being a bad girlfriend Justin threatens to wear this horrible shirt. He also threatens me with Kevin Bacon as you already know. Anyway I decided today that if I ever had to be on that "Fear Factor" show (if it even still exists) that I would have to face Kevin Bacon in a cutoff t-shirt riding a gigantic spider. If I only knew how to photo shop, but I guess in the fact that I do not know how to photo shop I am only saving myself from myself because I would totally be freaked out if a photo of the aforementioned existed.

PS totally reminded myself of this scene with my first paragraph.  

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