Saturday, March 22, 2014

Throgoat Back Thursday (Belated)

I was incapacitated over the past few days owing to the final stretch before Spring Break. Technically I still have one more paper that is due but I am declaring that I am officially on Spring Break. This morning (yes a Saturday) marked the last exam I had before my sweet, sweet freedom.

I wrote this goat blog on Throwback Thursday. It is a quick one, but despite that I never had the chance to post it.

I give you; Throgoat Back Thursday....

This photo is roughly circa 1988 I would venture to guess. I am at the "Friendly Farm" in New Hampshire. The place still exists today. Digging up this photo may just warrant a return trip back east to the quaint little farm to revisit my old pal. What is the life expectancy of a goat anyway? Goolge tells me 15-18 years. I shall wish upon a star that my goat still exists perhaps he is tres chic with a beard and everything.

Back to business I am not quite sure I can explain myself in this photo. Either the goat is desperately trying to hide on me under the bench, or this is some kind of weird foreshadowing for the 30 day squat challenge I would participate in some 20 something years later which would only make my thighs bigger. Not sure at all. I am thinking, as I mentioned above, that a return trip is in order. Perhaps I will see if they still make overalls or shortalls or whatever the technical term is. I can braid my hair and everything and do one of those photo recreation thing-ys.. A girl can dream; as I so often do.

Because this post is about goats... Kind of.

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