Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Paranormal Activity 6

So my strange, middle of the night while asleep behavior has transferred to Justin. Two out of the last two nights I have caught him doing this weird thing in his sleep. He sits all the way up and stares forward for about a minute or so and then lays back down... Paranormal activity 6? I think so...

The way our bed is situated he would be looking directly into the bathroom mirror upon sitting up. Justin kinda likes to make sure that he looks okay from time to time. I thought perhaps it was some kind of new desire to make sure that he looked presentable in the middle of the night. After all you never know what can happen; a house fire, a robbery etc. He simply must be prepared to look debonair at all times.

My second hypothesis is that he is just possessed. This is probably the more likely option since his butt is so big that I think there are little aliens that live in it running the show with their diabolical plans to take over the world.

Justin suggested that I check to see if he has a reflection the next time that he gets up and does that, then we can at least eliminate the possibility of his being a vampire. I don't think that is the case though because he neither has a cape nor hangs upside-down from the ceiling (although he has the perfect big big toes for that). He also doesn't have that super weird glow to his skin that looks like he was dancing in glitter rain... you know like Edward Cullen.

I could go on for days about all of this really. I guess I am just happy that I am not the only one acting psychotic in their sleep. Speaking of psychotic I must be off to my biochemistry class. That being said I must also add the disclaimer that I typed this blog in less than five minutes so I apologize for any typos and/or scatter-brained topics. I think all of my blogs are scatter-brained however.

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