Saturday, March 22, 2014

Weasley Wolverines

I have been doing this thing lately where I can't stop spilling stuff. I borrowed Justin's favorite shirt (which I was wearing here), and spilled salsa all over the shoulder. Don't ask me how I managed to do that... it had something to do with my wolverine eating style I think.

Me eating pizza... photo credit:

Not two days later I was enjoying chips and guacamole on Justin's side of the bed. Suddenly his part of the mattress came flying up and forced me to lose grip on a heavily loaded chip which globbed a huge chunk of guacamole right smack in the middle of his sheet. Then I tried to wipe it up and got it all over his blanket.

This morning I was studying for my exam around 5:00 AM and happened to eat left over bread sticks because what else am I supposed to have for breakfast? I picked up the container of marinara and it dumped all over my white blanket. Then I got hand print smears everywhere trying to clean it up. It looked like a sort of crime scene. I am quite sure this is fitting for the strange business that has been going on in our bedroom as of late. Consequentially, due to my malfeasance I am grounded from eating.

If nothing else I learned a fun fact. The wolverine's scientific name is Gulo gulo, apparently that is from the Latin word gulo meaning glutton... I think I have another new favorite animal to add to my list of future pets, this guy will need extra hugs too. We can sit on the couch together and eat pizza while we smile at each other all toothy like.
"ha ha I love that Ronald Weasley he is such a character" -Wolverine (get it???)
Anyway the list of my pets is getting longer and longer. When my life goal is complete, how are all of them going to fit in my house with my 30 cats???

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