Thursday, March 13, 2014

Throwback Fro-to Thursday

I am still alive. I have found myself in the two weeks directly preceding 'Spring Break,' also known as midterms. Naturally with my busy schedule the high concentration of tests crammed into the small period of time was unbeknownst to me until I looked at my planner on Monday. Nevertheless I am surviving.

I did some digging to come up with this fantastic photo. Or as I like to call it.. a FRO-to; in respect for my mom's Afro (not to be confused with Frodo Baggins I might add). One of these days I will have to try to find a photo of it when it was in its prime in the early 90s. It resembled that of Mushroom Man's head in Mario Brothers.

In honor of Throw back Thursday and taking the easy way out I present the above photo. This had to be circa 1989-ish. We were on the New Hampshire coast which we often visited. A blustery day indeed with sea water thick in the air. One of my favorite past times to this day is walking along the east coast in spots where weathered houses line the shore each of them muted in color owing to their constant exposure to salt water. Alas, I fear the moments that I get to do this nowadays are far and few between. Back then they were ubiquitous.

I am the one in the pink pants. I pretty much look exactly like that current day, a little taller perhaps. My sister is in the blue pants. Her hand gesture and facial expression remind me of Joe Pesci for some reason...

Anyway happy Thursday. If you are like me and finding yourself in the midst of midterms, just know that it is almost over. And for one of my best friends; HAPPY BIRTHDAY! March is a great month for birthdays. My sister above also was born in March. Here she is what she looks like now...
I kid, I kid... But seriously am I right or am I right about the striking resemblance? Photo Credit:

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