Wednesday, March 5, 2014

No Dumping...Drive Wise

Justin and I bicker sometimes about who is the better driver. I am well aware that this is my blog, and as such it may cause you to labor under the illusion that my upcoming argument is one-sided thereby making it moot. But I offer you this:

Exhibit 'A' 

Since we are temporarily down to one vehicle we drive Justin's car to work, than I take it home so I can get to class. Tuesday (first day of carpooling) I skipped up to the passenger side of the car in the wee hours of the morning and noticed the word "dumping" sticking out from under his front bumper. I pulled and pulled in an attempt to dislodge whatever was stuck, but alas no such luck was had. 

Justin gave it a few tugs and finally pulled this free
For those of you who don't know this is what the city cements to the sidewalks to prevent people from dumping waste in the gutters which flow to the river. He had to of exerted great force to not only pull the tile off the sidewalk but also to get it stuck on his undercarriage. I rest my case. 

I suppose time will tell who the better driver is because we both are having this "Drivewise" thing installed from our car insurance which will monitor our driving so our contest will commence in March. Supposedly we will get a discount if we exhibit safe driving but I can neither confirm nor deny the practicality or effectiveness of the product. I highly doubt I will forget to update you all in a few months when we get the undoubted results back which showcase my superb driving skills (relatively speaking of course). 

Ps I should admit that I do appreciate Justin's philanthropic attempt at displaying an important message to those who came within close proximity of his car... However I do think emphasis was placed on the wrong word and could have cause quite the confusion. 

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