Monday, March 17, 2014

Interpretive Dancing into PA School and 7 steps to upload photos from your computer to your iPhone

I had a dream, well borderline nightmare really, this weekend. Essentially they changed the requirements to get into PA school. Instead of conducting an academic entrance interview they decided to have all of the applicants do an interpretive dance.

In my dream I swung around from these sheet-like hangings that were draped down from the ceiling.

This is me... Just kidding. Photo Credit:
Apparently this technique is known as aerial ballet. Much to my true fashion, in my dream I came in like a wrecking ball and f***ed shiz up. It reminded me of Kevin James's performance in Zookeeper. I uploaded the YouTube video below... The 2:20 mark is right about where it resembles somewhat of what I was doing in my dream.

I awoke in the morning tangled up in the sheets in a frightful manner. I can only assume that I was actually interpretive dancing in the night. I really do need to look into installing cameras into my bedroom while I sleep. I am almost too afraid to find out what I actually do while in dreamland.

In other news a friend of mine recommended this "Groovebook" application. It only works for certain devices; iPad, iPhone, Android etc. You pick 100 photos from your phone and Groovebook sends you a photo album of your selected photos. They have perforated edges so you can either leave them in the book or pull them out. The app is free however there is a $2.99 monthly fee (so basically $2.99 per book including shipping). You can cancel at any time. You can even get your first book for free if you use the code MONAHAN43

There is a trick to this too. It only allows photos to be uploaded from your mobile device or iPad. So in order to get photos from my computer onto my iPhone I did the following;

1.) Put all the photos I wanted on my phone into a folder on my computer. 
2.) Plug iPhone into computer
3.) Click on the iPhone icon that comes up in iTunes.
4.) Click on the photos option along the top menu bar (while still under the iPhone icon)
5.) Click on the Sync photos option. Be sure that you check the option that says only the folders I select are to be uploaded
6.) Put a check in the box for your photos
7.) Scroll down and click sync

Done and Done

Here is the website:

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