Thursday, February 27, 2014

Just Another Boring Thursday

Thursday's are my long day for classes this semester. I spent the morning trying to find out about fostering cats. Since I have been trying to steal all of the neighborhood cats Justin has shown more interest in our obtaining one legally. We were planning to wait until we purchase a house but all the signs are pointing to doing something now before I wind up in jail for cat napping. Since we are still in our little one bedroom apartment we are leaning towards fostering as opposed to straight out adopting a cat for the time being. But we shall see; my land lord has to cooperate first.So keep your fingers crossed, or your paws.

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In other news I went to my afternoon classes, and then prepared for my evening lab. I sat down at a table on a nearly vacant floor in one of the buildings on campus. The table I selected was right next to a table with a leather jacket slung over the back of the chair, seemingly with no owner in sight. I then noticed a girl writing something while leaning on a trash bin. I noticed every time someone walked by the chair with the jacket slung over it they would look over at it and walk away in confusion. The girl would rubber neck at the confused passerbys then frantically scribble on her paper. Didn't take long to determine that she was conducting some kind of asshole experiment. I thought momentarily about getting up and putting the jacket to see how she would react, but I decided to be nice.

Anyway then I plugged my earphones into my iPhone and started listening to this song which is my new favorite.

I decided to waste an ounce more time before preparing my pre-lab for my evening class by checking my email. Then I saw for the first time EVER out of the approximate 15 or so labs (amounting to 200+ class sessions) I have taken during college that class was cancelled! I was like...

Just goes to show that wasting time can be beneficial every once in a while.
I immediately packed up, grabbed Justin and myself some coffee, and skipped all the way home. When I got there I started some vegan crock-pot chilli. Coffee+Boyfriend+Chilli=a perfect end to a cloudy/rainy day

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