Friday, February 21, 2014

Exam Insurance- (they really need to invent that)

Me: "We need to get prepared for the six month insurance premium that is coming due."
Justin: "Okay."
Me: "We have like a month but I need to call the insurance agent."
Justin: "Ya definitely."

9:45pm-ish (after an intense five minutes of running around the house spanking each other in a non-sexual way) 

Justin: "You know what I was thinking about today?"
Me: "No, what?"
Justin: "Our six month insurance must be coming due again soon."

In other news I have not one, but two exams tomorrow. First one is at 8:00am. Here is a screen shot of my alarm clock. Gotta set it for every hour in case I fall asleep while cramming in the morning. In other words here is a reason to smile to yourself and know your Saturday might be slightly better than mine :)

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