Saturday, February 1, 2014

Because I Remind Myself of Myself

I woke up at five this morning to prepare for my Saturday class. Whoever thought it was a good idea to have six hours of class on Saturday was a total nut job...oh wait that was me I guess :) I was also the brilliant one that decided to take 17 credits this semester, alongside volunteering at the hospital, and starting a new job. Okay, okay, enough of my pity party.

I suppose what I am trying to tell you is I am super busy. So busy in fact that I was too daft to realize that I have been carrying around an aqua colored thong in my sweatshirt all day... Like the hood part, I think? I'm not sure where the hell it came from but nonetheless I wore it proudly to my three hour lecture and lab.
This was me today, walking around with underwear all up in my hood.

This experience reminded me very much of a calculus class I took a year or so ago where I tried to argue with the math professor that 600/40 is 24 when indeed it is not.. In front of the whole class I argued and argued, only to eventually key the figures in on my calculator while everyone was staring at me. I was obviously affronted by this disturbing truth that someone changed 600/40=24 to 600/40=15... That, or I had finally lost my math skills. Lose-lose either way. After my embarrassing display the woman next to me told me I had my tank top on inside out. I did. It was one of those ones with the shelf bras in it, so it was obvious. That was the same year I ate an earring back during calculus on accident instead of swallowing my anti-nausea medication... Me and calculus have some great memories. I put those stories on my fb wall when they happened but one thing I never did reveal is that one time I had a pair of panties in my purse. I had forgotten that I put them in there so I was like 'hmm what is this???' and pulled the damn things out right in front of the same girl that had witnessed me and all of my stupidity earlier in the semester. That was fun.

So after 100 years of boring explanations... I guess the bottom line is, I remind myself of myself and that is good. So philosophical... With that revelation, and all the panties I have been carrying around I would say that today has been... rather whimsical.

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