Monday, February 24, 2014

Fishing for Mondays (edited like 100 times)

Today is Monday so I got to volunteer at the hospital. I finished my shift and grabbed an iced grande soy vanilla hazelnut latte (yes it is a mouthful but in a delicious way). When I arrived home I walked into the bedroom pausing at the bed noting how I needed to do a load of laundry but not the blankets because Justin would be doing that this weekend. Then I dumped my coffee all over the bed. I was like "yay," except not really.

Next was lunch. I grabbed for my Whole Foods box of tofu and bok choy. I had a funny feeling before I delved in and glanced once more at the ingredients. It had bonito extract... bonito is a fish. Why on earth tofu would be seasoned with fish is beyond me. I am so thankful that I did not have any of it in my mouth before the discovery was made. Also I think bonito in Spanish means nice, so basically people are all chopping up nice fishes and eating them.

Photo Credit: Disney

I think I found Nemo...Photo Credit:
Okay Okay enough of the vegan propaganda (but fun fact did you know that Nemo means "no one" in Latin? I wonder if Pixar intentionally picked that character name?)

After the nice fish issue I started to cook dinner; vegan burritos. I excitedly grabbed the new jar of industrial sized salsa and use my manly muscles to rip the top off. I exerted such a force that I dumped about an eighth of the jar down my white shirt. When I walked into the bathroom my reflection in the mirror looked as though I had been shot in the heart. I considered for a few moments staging a crime scene since Justin would be arriving home from work soon. I could lie on the floor and perhaps leave the door open a crack, to make it appear as though an intruder was still in the apartment. Then I figured that Justin would probably just eat my shirt because he loves salsa so I decided I had better try to get the stain out.

*edit- this posted really weird and deleted like half my blog but I think I have everything the way I want it now. 

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