Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Diet Cupcakes

I almost went crazy today. 

The other day while I was cooking dinner Justin was talking about second dinner. We had to return a movie (anime flick called “Wolf Children” fantastic I might add) and he made a remark while I was cooking that he should have waited to return the movie so that we could get curly fries. A few moments later I was referred to as a “hungry hungry hippo.” Suddenly it dawned on me, I have created a monster and that monster is me. (I guess Justin too by default)

I decided that I needed to go on a diet. Today started off great. By 2:00pm-ish all I had consumed was an all-fruit smoothie. I decided to visit Justin at work during his lunch.  We talked for several minutes when suddenly this happened…

Justin: I have a confession

Me: Oh… okay?

Justin: Friday at work I ate three Super_owl cupcakes…

Me: And you didn’t stop and get me a cupcake on your way home?

Justin: And Monday I had two more…

Me:…My diet is over because I need to compensate for the atrocity that you committed.

Long story short I ended up with the following

Top-Vegan chocolate cupcakes from Whole Foods, Clockwise from top-Apricot bar from Co-Op, 2 no bake vegan peanut butter/chocolate cookies, the best chocolate bar EVER, and apple cinnamon vegan cake from Whole Foods

Also I am pretty sure I know why someone couldn't get his foot out of his mouth when he "couldn't remember" what was happening at work all day. Someone was prancing his big butt around eating cupcakes all day. 

There is always tomorrow for my diet. 

Speaking of Super_owls... 
I found this on Etsy. They don't make this type of owl any more but they sure do make some cute elephants and other owls. http://www.etsy.com/listing/151569811/fluffy-superman-owl

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