Thursday, February 20, 2014

Drawing Bored

Let me preface this by saying I can't draw at all unless it is a profile picture of Justin with his big butt.  

Last night and this morning was filled with cramming for my organic evolution exam today. I was quite brain dead when it was over. I had to stay after my exam to attend immunology class which I kind of hate right now since I poked myself in the eye because of it. Anyway I was super bored during lecture because I had zero brain power left. So I drew some Harry Potter characters. 
I had to crop part of the dementor out because blogger would not let me post the photo upright so I had to resize it.

And then I drew Warty the Robert De Niro-esque Warthog. I just thought I would share to prove that I was somewhat productive today… perhaps not in the proper way but in my defense my butt hurts.
This looks exactly like Rober De Niro to me...
PS In an effort to preserve the legs of future dementors; if you can't get a photo to rotate in Blogger open the image in paint and save it as a .PNG instead of the .JPEG thing and you will be good to go.

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