Monday, February 17, 2014

Making New Friends

I got home from volunteering this afternoon to find a familiar furry face outside of my apartment complex. I have been trying to coerce a particular cat to let me pet it since Justin and I discovered her a few weeks ago. Today... Victory was mine.

I petted the cat for a good ten or fifteen minutes then walked to my apartment (clear across the complex) I was about to unlock my front door when someone behind me meowed. I turned to see that I had been followed.
Hello, new friend

I sat down on our chair outside our door and soon company joined me.
BFFs just look at that face
I eventually had to go inside because I had a bunch of stuff I had carried in from my truck. I set everything down and could hear my friend meowing outside the door. I made some sourdough toast (pretty much the only food I had in the house aside from potatoes and cupcakes) in hopes to provide a snack for my guest. I went back outside and unfortunately there were no pointy ears anywhere to be seen.

I traipsed around the complex a few times, sourdough toast in hand, looking for my new pet but alas she was no where to be found. I had to eventually retire to my unit since I was afraid neighborhood watch might suspect me to be a rogue cat-napper or straight up psychotic person..

Anyway she was lacking a collar and looked a little dirty so I am not sure if she is someone's pet or what. Next time I see her, I may or may not kidnap her because how could I not???

Edit: So apparently in Pennsylvania there is this cat shelter that lets kids voluntarily come in to read to the cats. I am pretty sure I died like six times while reading about the whole situation.

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