Wednesday, February 26, 2014

The Muffin Man and his Apple Tree

Do you know the muffin man?? I do. I was temporarily him in a haze today. I am super stressed regarding an exam tonight so naturally I did what Malina does best in preparation for exams; everything but study. I made a dozen lemon blueberry muffins, than I ate half of said dozen. At least that is what I am telling myself. I think I only ate four but I am too afraid to look and must give myself a buffer in the event that Justin reads this blog. Buffer…now there is something that is related to my chemistry test. 

The past few days I have had an exceptionally strong sweet tooth, or at least more so than usual. Justin attempted to quash these cravings with a couple of boxes of animal crackers. I know that in being vegan eating animal crackers is like this weird oxymoron type scenario, but they are delicious. And I like to bite the heads off especially when I am feeling evil. Regardless of the fun that was had whilst devouring two boxes of animal shaped cookies it just didn’t quite hit the spot. So here I am in a pile of muffin wrappers, trying as I might to ignore the remaining supply just two feet away from me in the kitchen.   
Photo Credit: Barnum's Animal Crackers

I must admit these cookies do bring the memories back from childhood. I spent my early years on 14+ acres in rural New Hampshire. I fondly remember carrying the above cookies around as I explored our property which was primarily woods. Ahh the joys. Then there was that weird time when my parents made my sister read to me under the shade of our apple tree. They filmed the experience and somewhere there exists the idea that was supposed to be very proper children enjoying each other's company but in its stead is me picking my nose and wiping it on my sister continually while she read away none the wiser... Alright enough reminiscing test in T-45 minutes.

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