Thursday, February 13, 2014

Trucking Electronics

On Monday this week temperatures reached the fifties. I basked in the glory of the sun’s magnificence after volunteering. There was a faint hint of the smell of spring in the air. As it turns out Mother Nature was playing a cruel, cruel trick on me because it has been drizzly and gray ever since. 

My truck hates when it rains. It was rolled at one point in its life so the windshield does not properly fit in the frame of the truck; despite it being the correct model. The rain gets down into the boggered seal and plays with all of the electrical wires. Once everything is fully saturated the real fun beings; the windows randomly roll up and down of their own accord, the radio turns on and off even when the volume button is pressed in (the off position), it flips through all the radio stations at a random pace, it flashes dash lights, switches into 4x4, locks me in, etc. This all happens regardless of whether the truck is actually on or off. Sometimes when I walk up to my truck it greets me by suddenly blasting the radio or rolling the windows down as if to say, “enter at your own risk,” or “how dare you leave me in the rain… payback is a bitch.”

The last couple of days I have commuted to and from school with a white knuckle grip on the steering wheel awaiting my trucks next move. The damn thing doesn’t like to switch out of first gear, so I drive down the street going like 20mph and revving at 300-350RPM. I watch as all of the angry drivers give me looks of hate and zoom past me. Sometimes, when I least expect it the damn truck takes off like a rocket and bangs loudly as it kicks into gear and lurches my truck forward. I swear the front two tires lift off the floor when it does that, like I am riding some kind of bucking bronco or whatever those damn horses are called…

Anyway I kept thinking about this scene in “Elf” today when I was driving…

Same exact situation, only he is not in imminent danger *sigh.


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