Sunday, February 9, 2014

Die-astolic Pressure

I had my six hour anatomy and physiology class today. Much like every Saturday morning, I rolled out of bed at five a.m. I only slightly regretted my decision to stay up extra late night to watch "About Time" and pick on Justin by parading around in his tennis shoes wearing his t-shirt and backpack.

After three hours of lecture this morning our class headed over to the lab and completed our hands on experiments. Today we were studying blood pressure. Our group rotated with the blood pressure computer hookup thingy; I was last to go. Everyone's blood pressure was right on target until we got to me. My reading was 204/83... This means I apparently have stage two hypertension.

When I got home I was obviously affronted by this potential troubling news. To calm my nerves I devoured two salads, a bag of tortilla chips, a container of guacamole, and four different kinds of salsa. Next I did about 8 hours of homework because obviously homework isn't stressful at all... In all seriousness I am pretty sure the 204/83 reading was a mistake. I will make my way to Walgreens at some point this week, or next and make sure I am not dead while I play with the machine I was never allowed to play with as a child.

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