Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Breaking Butts

So I'm writing this from my phone because my ass hurts, and I can't get up. I feel it is my duty to warn people about this so called "squat challenge." I decided this seemed like a good idea because cottage cheese (enough said). Essentially it is an exercise program to tone buns and thighs. "You will have such a great ass," they say... No. A dysfunctional ass more like it. 

The exercise series commences with 50 squats. Each day that passes thereafter you add five additional squats. Every fifth day is a rest day. By the end of the month you will have worked your way up to 200 something squats. 

Today was day one for me. I did my 50 squats. The first 25 or so were okay. I held each squat for about ten to fifteen seconds because that is what we do in yoga. The difference is that in yoga we do like three here I did 50. By number 30 my legs were shaking uncontrollably but I suffered through with my ten second holding for every last one of those fifty. 

Unfortunately I decided to complete these squats directly before my biochemistry class. I tripped trying to get in and out of my truck. My legs nearly gave way on the stairwell so I was forced to clutch the railing the whole way down. I'm still not 100% from my eye injury so I basically walked to class winking uncontrollably and having my knees give way every few steps. 

Luckily I somehow made it to class where I tried my hardest not to move throughout its entirety. I then walked back to my truck in the dark without falling once. I am home now. I am anxious to see how tomorrow compares. Worst case I will have Justin call in sick to work, fashion myself a rickshaw, and have him run me around campus all day in it. Win-Win. 

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