Sunday, February 2, 2014

Yo'Land'a Penis If You're Not Careful

So in one of my labs we have anatomical models which we are supposed to utilize for learning various veins, arteries, nerves etc. I sit right by this female torso model and she keeps me company in class since sometimes I walk around with underwear in my hood so I don’t have any friends in that class.

Yesterday after the lab activities we were told we could study the anatomical models or go home. I prepared to remove Yolanda’s (that is what I named her) breasts so that I could familiarize myself with her innards. I kept reaching up but I felt so bad for needing to take her boobs off. Anyway like five minutes went by and I realized that there were only like two other students in the lab so I bid Yolanda farewell, and headed out the door.

I was going to take a picture of her so that I could study her later at home (not in the gross way), but 
I felt like maybe she wouldn’t want me to have naked photos of her. And if Toy Story is real, that is not someone I want haunting me for the rest of my life. Anyway I tried to Google a photo of what she looks like but this is the closest thing that I could come up with.
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I am 99% sure that Yolanda is not a transvestite but this at least illustrates the boob situation.  We have Rhonda (the male torso model) so this is where my logic is stemming from with the whole penis fiasco. I am sure you will all be on the edge of your seats until next Saturday so that I can investigate this penis, or lack thereof. Bottom line I thought there was some kind of connection between Yolanda and me… I think maybe we can relate on certain things.

**EDIT- Yolanda is a girl, she lacks a penis... 

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