Sunday, February 2, 2014

I wouldn't read this unless you are a fan of the Harry Potter series

So it is that time of year again; the big game is happening. I can’t help but notice the oddity that surrounds the ‘whatever you do don’t say that word which signifies the big game’ situation. It reminds me so much of Voldemort so I think that Voldemort must play football.

I tried to Google 'does Voldemort play football?' and I got this:
I thought it was pretty cute so yeah...
And this:
I am not sure what team this guy is on but I will root for him today. There are several photos of him on the internets where he resembles Voldy
Anyway in book seven of the HP series (spoiler alert) saying Voldemort’s name is taboo, and causes death eaters to apparate to your exact location. This of course is very bad. Well, all this name avoidance of the whole big game thing is absurd. Whoever trademarked it must be a Voldemort fan, or perhaps Voldemort himself. 

In other news; I saw this article where Emma Watson interviewed JK Rowling who had some pretty interesting things to say...

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