Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Eye Matey

One of the courses I am taking this semester is immunology. It is taught by a professor with a thick French accent. In the French alphabet the vowels are similar to ours. 'I' is referred to as 'E' when enunciating the letter. When I was studying diligently for my immunology quiz this morning I kept noticing how every time there was a molecule that had the letter 'I' in it I was mentally reading it as E. Instead of IgG and IgM I was saying EgG and EgM.

"I you fool, I..." I kept saying to myself. "I like your eyeball."

Then I paper cut my eye. I am not kidding. I was like...

Photo Credit: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sauron

And I had a melt down, all the while making a mental note that I understood why Sauron was so angry all the time. His eye was on fire! Suddenly it all makes sense.

After sobbing like a bitch I tried to check things out in the mirror. I thought I saw a cut in it, but have been unable to locate it since because it has either healed itself because it was so minor, or because it was never there in the first place.

Currently it just feels like I have a grain of sand in my eye. I hope things get better by tomorrow otherwise I may have to take a trip to the optometrist. This may of course lead to an eye patch which honestly won't be so bad because I can say that I was throwing my eye in front of a runaway train to save a child's life, or that I donated it to my blind cat so it could finally see what its selfless master (i.e. me) looked like. Then of course there is the other option of walking around with a fake hook hand and yelling "shiver me timbers," and "aye matey!" The possibilities are endless really. I shall keep you updated.

In other news I found this photo online the other day and I think it is very relevant to my life. 
Photo Credit: http://uncommonpics.com/pic-1121-The-missing-puzzle-cat

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