Sunday, December 8, 2013


I hate to grocery shop. So does Justin. Since Justin is amazing he does nearly all of the grocery shopping for us. I started a grocery list a few days ago while I was cleaning. For some strange reason said list is missing!
Edvin Munch's famous painting... photo credit:
I suspect that a crime was committed indeed with the missing list. Either Justin destroyed it in hopes of prolonging the inevitable or there is a huge spider (as evidenced by the copious spider webs I keep finding along my baseboards) who took it to study up on the type of person I am so he can successfully scare me into having a heart attack since I have killed so many of his friends.

Anyway today after finishing my last assignment for genetics, and my last assignment for abnormal psychology I decided to break out a few cookbooks in hopes of finding inspiration for creating a new list, and in an attempt to procrastinate on my final assignments due in organic chemistry and botany. I came up with a few new dinner ideas which is always exciting. I penned a new grocery list and then decided that the list needed some... umph. Behold, the most awesome drawing I have ever made of Justin:
I have no words
I am pretty sure this drawing will warrant a trip down the cookie/cake/chocolate isle while Justin is grocery shopping. If there is one thing I know; I deserve to be rewarded for this.

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