Saturday, December 21, 2013


So I have noticed a few speckles of mold on our bathroom ceiling over the past week or so. I kept thinking, 'as soon as finals get over with I will get up there and clean those spots.' Well I was sitting on our floor this morning writing a card to my dad and I heard this strange toilet running noise. From time to time our toilet does run since we live in an old building. I told Justin so he could go check it out because him and his bubble butt are strong enough to lift that back thing off the toilet and fix the problem.

He walked out of the bathroom telling me not to worry; that he had simply left the fan on. I sat there for a few more minutes and I was like, "I still hear that noise?" Which is weird because I am totally deaf in one ear and normally can't hear anything.

Justin got up again and went into the bathroom and then informed me that the sky was falling. I am not sure why that chicken that incessantly screams 'the sky is falling,' did not warn our asses. That little freak has one job and he can't come and help us?

There was water dripping quickly from directly above our shower. Since there is a man directly above our apartment, for whom I have left a few pieces of hate mail (begging him to be quiet), I did not want him to suddenly come crashing through our ceiling naked. Although I suppose I could say "I told you you are always so loud, what is wrong with you??" Anyway to avoid this awkward situation I called the emergency maintenance number. Hagrid must have been well aware that I was thinking about him for Christmas card inspiration because that is who showed up at my door. He was like 6'5" and his shoes were as long as my thigh. But the man was a gentle giant indeed.

He ended up cutting a hole directly above our shower, we were informed that it will continue to drip when our upstairs neighbor takes a shower. I for one am looking forward to that. I think I will just sit in the bathroom all day waiting for the dirty shower water to drip from above so I can just jump under the fountain and preserve water by showering in his waste. We get to wait until Monday before they are going to come and replace the ceiling because Hagrid couldn't get permission to fix it today. Maybe when he comes back I will leave a dragon egg and see if he takes it because if he does than Hagrid is real.

I think I am going to go ahead and take a bath right now... This looks so inviting.

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