Tuesday, December 31, 2013

The Eve of a New Year

Well the hustle and bustle of the holidays is nearly over. Tomorrow marks the beginning of a New Year. Whilst most will be making New Year's Resolutions; save more money, eat less fat, exercise more, on and on I will most likely be rolling out of bed as I would any other morning trying as I might to find the toaster through a sleepy gaze. I have never been one for resolutions. If you are, more power to you. My making a resolution is more like cementing something in stone which I will do everything in my power to avoid. There was the year that I vowed to not eat chocolate. By day two you could find me huddled in the corner with a value bag of Kit Kats (pre-vegan days). Then there was that time I resolved to lose five pounds and gained forty (in my defense it was the steroids). Maybe that complete and utter avoidance of resolutions is the small fragment of hipster in me... trying to step away from one of the 'things' our society does.

2013 was certainly a trying year for me... I could go on an on about the events that transpired but I will save my sob stories for another day. The important thing is that I learned who I can truly count on, what really matters, and simply that life happens. When we are waiting anxiously for each facet to unfold, and when we least expect it. I guess that what makes life, life. It goes on whether we intend it to, or not.

So cheers to 2014. Cheers to hitting the refresh button and starting anew.

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