Thursday, December 19, 2013

Finally My Final Final is Finalized (stole this verbage from a friend by the way.... I can't take credit for the fabulousness)

     With the exception of one measly ten page paper that I have to turn in by 5:00pm tomorrow, I am done with this semester. I exited out of all of the calculators on my computer screen, (there were like thirty of them) which were my various attempts to devise hypothetical grading scenarios for each of my classes over the past week. Do/did you ever do that? Gee if I can get a 96% on the final I will keep my ‘A’ however I only need a 32% to get a ‘B.’ Grades are so weird… and in my humble opinion not really indicative of how intelligent or not a student is anyway.

     When I finally arrived back home in the evening Justin met me with celebratory cake and flowers. Despite his best efforts to get me to watch "Ever After" again, we watched the new "Superman." We discussed the oddity that no one can recognize Clark Kent when he trades his spandex for glasses. It reminds me of those stupid chick flicks where the nerdy girl takes off her glasses and she is all hot. It’s like, really? Glasses do not make that much of a difference. But apparently in Hollywood they do. I might have to invest in a pair so I can commit crimes in disguise like cat napping. Or so I can see if Justin will take the bait and cheat on me with myself. He is from California so maybe he won’t recognize me in a pair of specs.

     Tomorrow after dotting the i’s and crossing the t’s on my essay, I will be getting my Christmas cards and gifts in the mail. I am cutting it dangerously close to the “I hope you receive this before Christmas” line. That is how I am though… I work best under pressure.  

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