Saturday, December 7, 2013

Conversation I had with Justin

I have been doing homework all day. I am pretty brain dead. I have one million assignments due next week and two lab practical final exams and two papers. The following week I have five finals. This probably isn't that funny but I am in a weird mood. I have been trying to type Justin love notes with my foot all day... that is the kind of mood I am in.

Me after accidentally pushing Justin's pizza box: Why the heck is that on my side of the bed?

Justin: Oooh excuuuuse me! (grabs box and tries to set it on the floor)

Me after brushing copious amounts of crumbs off the bed: Watch out you will probably get crumbs all over the floor.

Justin: I just spilled the box on the floor

Me: I told you

Justin picking up the box: No it fell like this! (trying to motion with the box but accidentally throwing it in the air... it landed on the bed and crumbs flew everywhere)

Me: Nope, no crumbs anywhere.

He then started furiously brushing the crumbs off the bed and even ate a few... *sigh you would think it was cake that fell.

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