Saturday, December 7, 2013

Man Bling Pants

I put advertisements up on my blog because I want to use the revenue to buy a bunch of cats and chocolate (but not in that order). Also Justin’s butt is fabulously big and I think he would look good in a pair of tight jeans with bling on the pockets. I know he would never condone my purchasing man bling pants with income from practical sources so I think that blog revenue would be the perfect excuse to buy man bling pants.

Back on track; I have no control over what shows up for ads on my blog, and I feel like I need to make that clear because I saw this the other day…

I do not support the former Asian gymnast turned hooker market. Or any hooker market for that matter. Just be aware that I am not the mastermind behind the ads that go up on here. 

PS I advise you not to search “man bling pants” on Google because you will just get a bunch of photos of Hermione Granger, Lil Wayne Christmas Ornaments and Saddam Hussein.
Quite the work of art (photo

Did you wear man bling pants Saddam? photo

Okay... Some toddler bling pants photo credit:

And perhaps better than man bling pants?? And is it just me or is he missing a nipple? photo credit:

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