Monday, December 2, 2013

A Little Big Zit

You know that thing that happens when you have a zit that you have picked off like 150 times because you just want it to go away, and each time it bleeds profusely yet you still pick it for the 151st time? I had one of those last week it was fun. I went to Hallmark. Before I entered the store I picked the zit off my chin for the umpteenth time and of course after about five minutes of perusing the cards I was adorned with a scarlet beard. It truly is amazing how such a tiny ass zit can bleed that much. Something miniscule becomes…elephantine.

It is like when you keep picking at something despite knowing that the result comes with consequences. Each time the wound bleeds a bit more. But eventually when you forget about the damn thing, it finally heals. I think sometimes we beat ourselves up unnecessarily so… for others’ mistakes, for our own, for the past, worrying about the future whatever the case may be. I guess sometimes it is beneficial to step outside ourselves and realize the simplicity in some of the situations that are consuming us. As existential as it may sound; things are the way they are and that is okay. 

My posts may be a bit sparse over the next couple of weeks. Thanksgiving break just wrapped and now I am in the grueling final three weeks of class. I shall update when possible. It would be quixotic for me to think I could have the same blog stamina that I maintained over the past couple of months.    : )

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