Wednesday, December 18, 2013

More Painful Than The Cry of a Mandrake

Two more finals tomorrow, and then I am done. To say I am feeling more delirious than usual is an understatement. Unfortunately I am unable to come up with any other words to describe my circumstances because I have nothing left to give, other than what will be my feeble attempt to pencil in a shit ton of bubbles on tomorrow’s finals. The good news is tomorrow will be my last ever botany class. No more pretending to be in Herbology at Hogwarts. No more killing innocent plants. No more studying my ass off on the most uninteresting subject of my life to slip by with mediocre grades. 

Apparently my computer is overwhelmed as well. It no longer can speak English.(notice how it is trying to change 'I am done' to 'I are done'

Justin misses me since I have been consumed with studying. He has taken to singing ♪♫ “Do What You Want With My Body”♫♪ by Lady Gaga ft. R. Kelly in an attempt to seduce me. While under normal circumstances (especially when coupled with his booty dance) this might work all I can do is shoot him a calculating glance before refocusing my attention to my computer. Except than that song gets stuck in my head, and I can’t get it out, and it is all I can think about when I am trying to read about complex processes in plants. Paired with his silhouette doing a bootylicious dance in my mind’s eye is a potent cocktail. Justin you are my kryptonite.

This has been making me smile during my week from hell

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