Saturday, December 14, 2013

Big Big Toes for Ever After

Sometimes I pick on Justin because in addition to his big butt he has big big toes. As in his big toes, are huge. I am not sure what causes this…shall we say trait. I personally think that he is fortunate though because his big big toes help to support his big butt. 

I had final number two of seven on Friday. It was in chemistry lab. It lasted about five hours. We had to set up our stations and work on our own to complete a series of experiments. I am pretty sure I messed up royally on a portion of it but I just don’t care anymore. I need 14 out of the remaining 70 points available to keep my ‘A’ in the class. 

After I finished the final I drove home changed quickly then turned right around and went back to campus to volunteer for a chemistry show for children. What is that saying? Catch ‘em young? Though I felt it was my duty as an honorable citizen to pull all the children aside and inform them that chemistry is the devil, I refrained. Instead I was in charge of decorating the doors of the entrance. Big mistake people, big mistake. I should have captured a photo of the train-wreck that was a streamer bow mosaic type faux pas. Maybe it scared the children away… I hope so. 

I finally was free from streamer/chemistry hell and went home. I hadn’t eaten all day. Justin was kind enough to have a salad ready for me in the fridge when I arrived. He also had “Ever After” in the DVD player because he has been begging me to watch it every day for like a month or two. So I get settled in and we start the movie and he walks up to my side of the bed with his eyebrows all up super high and states that he has something to tell me. 

When Justin’s eyebrows go up high, there is no telling what doom is lurking in the words he is about to utter.

Me: What did you do?
Justin: You know your razor in the bathroom
Me: Yes…
Justin: I stepped on it with my big big toes and it broke.
Me: Okay… I am glad you didn’t cut your foot open.
Justin: Yeah my big big toes are super tough… There is more.
Me: *Sigh… Okay
Justin: You know your brand new body-wash?
Me: Yes
Justin: I broke the cap off of it, so it doesn’t have a top anymore.

Fortunately I have extra razors. I do think that I should not shave my legs for a week though because that way the punishment will fit the crime. I also should not use soap for a week either... Then Justin will really be sorry :) 

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