Sunday, December 15, 2013

Jedi Mind Tricks

When my sister Maecee and I were little we used to play MASH all the time. I am sure you remember the game, but here is a quick reminder of the rules. You compile a list of categories; spouse, car, state you will live in, job, pets etc., write down three/four options per category and then come up with a number, and keep crossing off items until you're left with one option in each category. To rekindle some memories from childhood Maecee and I played this game together last Christmas when I went to New Hampshire for a visit. The results are becoming more and more accurate as time goes on. 

My spouse was determined to be "a shirtless Justin." Now I know we are not married yet, but odds are that will happen someday. And Justin is pretty much shirtless all the time at home so it works. It also was determined that I would have something like 15 cats... I can roll with it. My career, however, was determined to be a poop analyst. My sister thought of this prestigious job title. Now it seems as though, perhaps she was onto something. 

Today I have been very busy painting pictures of elephants working hard to study for my five remaining finals this week. Naturally I am having difficulty staying on task. Sometimes when there is too much going on, I guess I do everything in my power to distract myself from that (case and point; here I am writing a blog). 

This semester I somehow managed to complete 18 credits. I, in fact, had to pay extra for going over BSU's maximum credit allowance per semester. It has been tough balancing everything but at least it is almost over. Next semester I am registered for 17 credits. Since I am taking fewer credits I decided to apply for a few jobs. Today I found a particularly interesting job with a certain ring of familiarity... a poop analyzer. 

If granted the position I would analyze bodily fluids/substances; bone marrow, urine, blood, and my personal favorite poop. I want nothing more than to find that MASH game that we played so that I am able to jog my memory as to the other determining factors of my life since it seemingly is so accurate. What are the odds that I could be selected as a poop analyzer??? A remarkable coincidence, if you ask me. Of course "I, like God, do not play with dice, and do not believe in coincidence."  (<--- name that movie)

So we shall see when the time passes. I doubt I will be selected for the job because my school schedule is limiting next semester. But if I am selected I am thinking of starting a side business of MASHing for people. The new way to predict the future... 
In other news... Why is Jedi not a word? "You must unlearn what you have learned." -Yoda

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