Saturday, December 21, 2013

With Every Christmas Card I Write...

I laid my semester to rest at long last yesterday shortly before 5:00pm. I finished my final essay for my Philosophy of film class; on Professor Severus Snape I might add. After hours of writer's block I slapped the last sentence on my essay and called it a day.

The next task was writing Christmas cards out. Justin and I had a friend take Christmas photos of us this year with which we compiled our first family photo-esque cliché Christmas cards. They actually turned out pretty great. I would have liked to have reenacted a scene from Harry Potter in the photos, but I did not want to scare our photographer. There is always next year. That scene Where Hagrid carries Harry at the end of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallow Part 2 would have been good (I would have been Hagrid of course, carrying Justin to safety). 
This would be another nice option if we could find the proper motorbike with side car apparatus.Again I would portray Hagrid in the shoot. Photo credit: Harry Potter Wiki

This could be nice, covey the message that everyone should get along for the holiday season.
While I was busy researching ideas for next years Christmas cards I stumbled across something interesting. This photo was returned in my Google search. Apparently there is a whole porn genre of the Harry Potter stories?!? Who knew???
Talk dirty to me in Parsletounge Voldy!
There is a funny website where you can hear Ralph Fiennes (plays Voldemort) read some erotic material whilst in his pajamas (no nudity or anything weird is shown).

Anyway after preparing my cards I had to package the few gifts I had to be mailed. If all of your family and friends are in town I envy your luxury of not having to deal with the post office this time of year. I ran out of scotch tape about half way through wrapping. I started to just use this weird heavy duty package tape that is from Justin’s work. Fortunately everyone who is getting gifts from me this year is well aware of my terrible wrapping skills. While I did not capture any examples of the actual wrapping paper wrapped gifts I did get a couple of shots of my mail packaging skills.
Got my money's worth.. this bad boy is jam packed to the brim. I had to sit on it to close it. I know I would be delighted if this showed up on my doorstep for Christmas. The recipient will probably get hit in the face with their gift when they open the box, the contents are under a lot of pressure.

I made this envelope out of printer paper and my new favorite tape :) I win.

I am mostly done with Christmas shopping, for this I am glad. After all Christmas is only like 3.5 days away.

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