Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Sears is for Tools

I spent the better part of yesterday at the mall waiting for the oil to be changed in my truck. I kept wishing that there was an oil changing place somewhere next to a place to go shopping so I could kill two birds with one stone, and finally I recalled that Sears has an automotive section. I excitedly dropped off my vehicle and was told in fifteen to twenty minutes it would be ready. I raced around to the two shops I needed to visit, and grabbed what I needed. I arrived just as the clock ticked to the twentieth minute, only to discover the guilty looking face of the cashier.

I'm sorry only twenty to thirty more minutes, oh I am sorry we got short staffed we haven't started it yet come back in thirty minutes, well everyone went to lunch it should be ready in forty five minutes finally after over two hours the damn thing was ready. Never again Sears, never again. I did make a trip to Wetzel's Pretzels for a butter-free plain pretzel. I have been craving one ever since my dream. I confirmed how they make pretzels, and it is not by filling plastic tubes with dough and shaking the shit out of them... though you all probably were well aware of this fact. Anyway towards the tail end of my excursion I sat in the tools section of Sears since there was not a waiting area in automotive. They played quite the mix of music everything from Vanessa Carlton "A Thousand Miles" (to which a brute man was singing as he was closely examining a tool box I might add) to Hunter Hayes "Wanted." I would have thought they would play something a bit more manly...

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