Sunday, December 29, 2013

Hard and Soft Pretzles

I had this dream last night that Boise State University enlisted my help to make soft pretzels for all of the fans at the football game. I was shown to a humble little kitchen which contained several butter tub looking containers filled with pretzel mix. I stuffed these plastic cylinders, approximately the size of soda cans, full of the batter and sealed them. Next the real fun began. I would shake the living daylights out of them, and the soda can began to stretch into this long tube. I would then tie these much like balloon animals and move on to the next.

Being that I had to make several hundred of these there was a lot of shaking motion which reminded me of that of the shake weight. When I woke up this morning Justin was about to get in the shower. I was amused, and slightly worried that I had molested him in my sleep so I revealed my dream to him. He laughed it off and went to get in the shower while I drifted back off to catch a few more lingering z's on this fine Sunday morning.

I awoke a second time to Justin tugging at something in my clutch. "I am going to need these," he said. I had none other than his underpants. I suspect foul play. 

Kristen Wigg with Shake Weights...

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