Sunday, December 22, 2013

Teatering on the Verge of Tumors

I have a friend who is going through a bit of a rough patch. I love this friend dearly. Today we were having a very serious conversation over the phone since our plans to get together today were cancelled owing to a massive snow storm, and a caved in bathroom ceiling. Justin was sitting in bed by me, and I was feeling particularly sad so I reached over and started to pat his arm in an effort to comfort myself. But comforted- I was not. I noticed that there was a strange nodule type structure protruding from his arm.

I was not looking at what my hand was doing because I was so involved in the conversation I was having. I continued to poke and prod at this tumor-like mass which felt like a fast-growing, angry kind of cancer. I was becoming increasingly concerned at this lump thing I was feeling through the shirt on his arm. I finally glanced over and he had the biggest grin on his face because apparently I had been fondling his teat. Crisis averted. Well… he doesn’t have a tumor but his right nipple was certainly rock-hard for a few minutes after all the excitement it experienced. And yes I almost forgot to clarify that his right nipple is indeed on his chest, I simply was mistaking his breast for his arm because I am ridiculous. 

In other news... I saw someone post this quote that was meaningful to me on FB. I copied it and posted it to my friend D's page. I will just let you see where that conversation went. 

I found the butterfly on Google, I can't take credit for making him. I covered up the swastika which was on its lower wing (huge black spot) I was okay with the other wing designs ;)

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