Monday, December 23, 2013

I'm Gonna Be BFFs With Serena Williams... for the Children

I went to volunteer at the hospital this morning as I do every Monday. My shift was the best I ever had. So many people dropped off toys for the pediatrics kids for Christmas it was very heart warming.

When my shift was over I returned home to deal with the ceiling falling situation. I had discovered something that resembled mold the other night in the hole, the maintenance man sprayed it and supposedly we are now waiting for it to dry. I had to air out my apartment since the fumes were so toxic and I did not really want to turn into some kind of weird radio active creature...

I talked to the landlord and fortunately my lease is up in January (end of the month). She gave me a form to submit my thirty day notice so I will be doing that. After dealing with that nonsense for a million years I started looking for a new place. I e-mailed a few prospective apartments, and now I am going to go live with Serena Williams. She wants me to donate some money to her cause ("for saving the less privilege child with HIV/AIDS in Africa") Since I feel bad for the "less privilege child" I am sure that Serena will teach me how to be a pro tennis star, and give me clothes from her fashion line... and if I am lucky enough perhaps she can groom me to pose as her twin sister Venus. 

In all seriousness I am considering fucking with this person and responding

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