Tuesday, November 26, 2013

6 Christmas Gift Ideas Justin time for Black Friday

With the holidays quickly approaching I decided to let you guys in on a few of the ideas that I had for Justin. Since I have nearly completed my shopping for him I will now reveal the 6 things that I did not get for him but totally wish I could have...

1.) Who doesn't need a nice Voldemort costume??? I am pretty sure this would spice things up at home for us ;)
Sorry for the terrible picture of my computer screen.I am not sure if the mask and hands come with the robe but they need to! 

2.) All of Justin's friends at work call him Justin Bieber. Last year I did get Justin a singing Justin Bieber Birthday card but this year I could have stepped it up
A nice lunchbox to admire. It could even double as a purse.

3.) Or perhaps a child-sized Justin Bieber costume. I am pretty sure Justin could squeeze into this baby. Maybe his work will even change their dress code because I am sure this would only make more customers flock at their doors if they knew the one and only Justin Bieber worked in their warehouse.

This poor kid model... *sigh he does not look enthused.

4.) Though Justin has some pretty big feet these would make them a little bit more delightful.

5.) Some sexy art for the bedroom?
The "timeless art of seduction" fitting indeed  

6.) My personal favorite which I cannot take credit for finding.... They say that originality is dead but I think these fancy pants beg to differ. While there are plenty of puns I can coin about trunks I will just leave this without a caption blurb because they speak for themselves.
 Leave it to Etsy....   
Happy shopping adventures if you are crazy enough to brave the crowds on Black Friday, or if you aren't I hope these ideas offer some inspiration for gift ideas.

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