Saturday, November 16, 2013

Conversation I had with Justin today....

This morning:

Me: Starbucks is having a buy one get one free thing from 2pm-5pm today with their holiday drinks.

Justin: Cool, we can get lunch too.


Justin: What do you want for lunch?

Me: Quiznos sounds good?

Justin: Okay. What about french fries?

Me: Yes those always sound good. Do you want french fries instead of Quiznos?

Justin: Actually I was thinking we could do that thing.

Me: You mean that thing where we go to like five or six different places and get a bunch of food?

Justin: Yes...

And that is just another reason that I know Justin and I are meant for each other. I was thinking of starting a diet today... but there is always tomorrow.

***The Starbucks holiday drink thing is today (Saturday November 16th and tomorrow Sunday November 7th BOGO on holiday drinks only. It is from 2:00pm-5:00 pm)

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