Friday, November 15, 2013


I was planning on getting a pedicure today. I have this issue with the lotion the salon I frequent uses on my legs. It is super cheap and my skin hates it. I learned that if I (brace yourself *shudder) let my leg hair grown I can avoid the treacherous rash I would otherwise get. Well for the past three days… yes three days I have been working on my no-shave November legs. I always feel bad for the unsuspecting nail tech that gets stuck with giving me a pedicure. I wonder if they have my portrait hanging in the back office with a warning label. They probably wonder if I am a close relative of Wolverine. Except I guess it is awesome that I do not have toenail fungus… or talons. Anyway I bitched out and decided to just get a manicure instead because I was too shy about my bushy leg hair. Crisis avoided. 

In other news... This is pretty fantastic.
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