Sunday, November 24, 2013

Brown Balls

Last night was the BSU football game, and boy was it a nail biter. In the beginning our team was not performing as adequately as they could have. Slightly after half time Justin started to massage my neck and back. Then we started to score and properly defend the football. Boys and their superstitions. Let me tell you how that one worked in my favor. For the next hour or so Justin refused to stop massaging me because it was "good luck". Then all of the sudden the other team scored and my pampering ended. We did lose the game but it was probably because I was not being massaged. Too bad the season is over or maybe nearly over for BSU football. I can't recall if we have a game left or not. If we do I will be ready and waiting for my massage because I like when BSU wins.

In relation I was telling Justin that if I had a football team their team color would be brown. I would make their uniforms the exact same color as the football, and they would have football-sized footballs printed all over their jerseys. Then no one would ever know where the real football was. Bonus: if one of the dudes liked to play grab ass he could totally do so nonchalantly because he could be like, 'dude I thought your ass was the football because you have footballs all over it.' Oh and I would call the team the balls. Their mascot would be a robot football that could dance and run around. This would also prove to be quite the distraction. I am pretty sure that we, the brown balls, would win every single game.
I spent about 100 years trying to superimpose this Etsy fabric photo onto Tom Brady but nothing spectacular happened 
I shouldn't say nothing happened... I did make this.
The above would totally fit perfectly onto this version of Tom Brady if I knew how to superimpose.. Then you would never see where his football is.
I know you would be all for my outfit idea Tom Brady.

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